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How to Extend the Life of Your Roses

How to Extend the Life of Your Roses

You’ve received a beautiful bouquet of roses and you’d love to keep their fragrance and vibrancy alive for as long as possible. The truth is, no matter the bloom, roses are bound to wither over time if they are not kept in optimal conditions. Learn how to extend the life of your roses with gentle care, flower food, “rose grooming,” water and a few helpful other tips that we’ve compiled in this guide. 

1. Find a vase that provides room for your rose to thrive

Purchase or look around the house for a vase that won’t overcrowd your blooms or cause their petals to brush up against the other roses in the vase. Be sure to trim the stems and fill a tall-sized vase with enough water and flower food to help prevent insects or other bacteria from getting inside and affecting the health and longevity of the rose. You should try to keep the rose away from direct sunlight as well. Roses deserve to have enough wiggle room to spread their joy. 

2. Examine roses for freshness and fragrance

When purchasing a rose, it’s important to inspect for freshness and check to see whether it has retained or lost its vibrancy. Check to see evidence of insects nibbling on parts of the petal or if it’s a little too soft. (Usually when roses are too soft, it’s a sign that they are nearing the end of its life cycle). You want to choose a rose that is in the middle---meaning, its petals are both firm and slightly soft. Once you get your floral arrangement, you should place your roses in room temperature, preferably away from direct sun exposure. Be sure to water your roses on a daily basis and trim the stems to maintain the health and vibrancy of your rose, as well as the long-lasting garden fragrance with earthy notes. 

3. Get creative and repurpose your rose 

We all love getting fresh roses delivered to our door. Of course, it’s a little bittersweet when you have to toss them away after a week or so. Why not preserve or save the dried out roses for other creative purposes? Save them as a bookmark for your favorite book, or hang them upside down. You can even use them for your next arts and craft project, or simply place a dried rose in a frame so you can display it in your home. 

4. Change the water 

Water is so important. Be sure to change the water for your roses frequently, especially when you notice that the water isn’t as clean as it was when you first filled the vase. The water in the vase should be changed every two to three days. It’s a good habit to check the water in the vase on a daily basis, especially when you first receive your blooms. (New roses tend to quench all that water fairly quickly, according to flower experts). Don’t ever let your rose get dehydrated! Like humans, roses need a little bit of TLC and water to keep it healthy and happy. 

What are some tips that you have for keeping roses healthy and fresh? We’d love to hear from you!