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The Best Wedding Roses

The Best Wedding Roses

Your big day is quickly arriving and you need to go rose shopping to find an aromatic floral arrangement that captures your love story. You’ve bookmarked every website and have even scrolled through Pinterest for some DIY ideas, but you’re still stumped and the anxiety is quickly settling in. You have probably even consulted and scoured every local rose shop in the area to compare prices and see what’s trending, but you still need a little bit of advice. That’s okay, because we’re here to help you select the best, aromatic roses that evoke feelings of bliss, tenderness, and warmth. After all, finding the perfect rose arrangement is not a walk in the park, especially when there are over 15,000 different types of rose species and varieties to choose from worldwide! 

At Rosa Express, we carry a wide selection of beautiful, fragrant roses that are perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding or a baby shower, we have what you need to make someone’s special day extra special. 

For a wedding or engagement theme, we suggest looking through our “Trending Roses” collection, which features velvety hues and creamy, light petals that enhance any interior. Some of our wedding and engagement favorites include fragrant or more subtle roses like the Proud Rose, Cotopaxi, JFK, and Scarlatta. Many of these roses are on sale, so don’t be afraid to order in bulk and put your orders in now. 

Looking for more wedding-inspired roses for your bouquet? We’ve compiled a few of the most popular type of roses, each with fragrant sensual notes or more classic hues below: 


  • Sweetheart Roses 

Sweetheart Roses are beloved by those who appreciate the beauty of handpicked modern garden roses. These petite, traditional roses are available in different colors such as cream, yellow, orange, white, pink, and red. They are often arranged in bouquets, corsages, or even as accessories for the hair. Its smaller size makes it a versatile choice and prop for weddings or any occasion. The name “Sweetheart Rose,” was originally given to this type of garden rose because of its pink and pale yellow miniature blooms that grew on small bushes in the garden. If you are looking for a smaller rose, Sweetheart Roses offer an intricate and subtle alternative to traditional rose arrangements. 


  • Spray Roses 

Spray Roses come in voluminous clusters and have multiple blooms attached to one stem, creating the illusion of a full bloom and a larger arrangement effect. Instead of spread out or isolated roses, these spray roses are bunched together like a family, creating a feeling of closeness and familial attachment---a perfect symbol of unity while capturing your love story. Spray roses have a sweet, and fragrant smell that evokes feelings of romance and deep passion. 


  • Hybrid Tea Rose 

The Hybrid Tea Rose is a classic ode to love. These modern garden roses are typically grown in greenhouses where they are cross-bred with another rose, making their blooms truly stand out in a wedding arrangement. Their exquisitely formed blooms captivate and capture love with each blissful individual petal. The Hybrid Tea Rose usually consists of single blooms on long stems and are perfect for Valentine’s Day or wedding arrangements if you are looking to add a bit of flair and hybrid magic on your big day. The Mister Lincoln is one of the most fragrant red Hybrid Tea Roses in the world. It has a beautiful, sweet classic rose scent that can be picked up from several feet away. 


  • Garden Roses 

Garden Roses are a timeless classic and are known for their fragrant, earthy notes and nostalgic appearance. Garden Roses are typically much larger than other roses, and they often give off a full bloom vibe that creates a warm and familiar feeling. Their thick, velvety petals give off beautiful, garden-like and citrus smells of lemon, orange, and other fruits that symbolize love. 


What are some of your favorite roses? We’d love to hear what roses you recently purchased from Rosa Express, or any in particular that you’d like to see us carry in the near future!