Veteran´s day

Veterans Day is a day of national celebration in the United States and is to honor the men and women who have served in the armed forces of this beautiful country.

The commemoration of this event takes place on November 11 of each year, which coincides with the day of remembrance that commemorates the end of the first world war.

Veterans Day is a celebration of great importance,

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The celebration of Thanksgiving in the United States

Did you know what is the origin of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, this story begins in 1620.

The Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock in the present state of Massachussetts on December 11, 1620, and the first winter they had was very hard for them. Then the tradition comes from the autumn of 1621, they had a good harvest of seeds that they planted.

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The party of Halloween

This tradition comes 300 years ago. It began in countries as Ireland, United Kingdom, Scotland and France to celebrate the end of summer, the night of 31 of October eve al of day of festival of the Celtas now as Samhain pronouncing it “sow-in”.

The Celts warriors used mask for run-away of ghosts, the spirits and the darkness, from here the tradition the children to disguise.

The Ireland immigrants arrived to America and discoved the pumpkin.

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Virgen del Cisne from the middle of the world

In the middle of the world is located Ecuador, where the Best Roses in the World are produced.

Quito, a majestic colonial city, the first city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on September 20, 1978. Near there, in the small cities south of the capital, the roses are produced.

In the valleys of small cities, there are the crops of The Best Roses in the World. From this place the roses traveled to the south of Ecuador,

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The Rose

The Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers that nature has given us. It has traditionally been planted and cared for in gardens of large houses around the world and is known as Garden Roses.

Over time the garden roses were lost and with the advance of technology they flourished again. Many bredeers around the world, among them, David Ostín, more than three decades ago, began to play with colors, aromas, textures,

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Roses like the Rainbow

Have you ever noticed the rainbow?
Have you seen how magical it is?
The rainbow is a visual effect that occurs from natural phenomena. A perfect mix between water and sun.
I live in Ecuador, in the middle of the world, where the best roses in the world are produced. But what does it have in common with the rainbow?
To produce the best roses in the world you need a lot of work,

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