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Frequently Asked Questions

Why us?, Why RosaExpress?

He has never seen Rosas like those of Rosaexpress. Roses of the highest quality. Luxury roses The best roses in the world, that will impress you.
Free direct shipping from our farm to your home. This makes your roses last more days at your table.
We have more than 52 colors for you, a different color for each week of the year.
We have roses from 50cm to 150cm.
We are sustainable and environmentally responsible.
We support hundreds of families, live with dignity, be together and work in their community. Everything comes back, you buy the best roses in the world and we cultivate them with love and help these families live happily.
We support a social cause, Unicef.
We want you to enjoy the beauty of the best roses in the world, as we do.
Let the roses brighten your home, encourage your employees, take the stress out of the office, give your neighbor a smile.
Roses are timeless. Choose between 52 different colors that will last up to 15 days.
The Best Roses in the World, directly from our farm in Ecuador, to your home or for the ones you love. Choose between 52 different colors that will last up to 15 days.

Where do my Roses come from?
With the union of the highlands, the water of the glaciers, the dedicated hands, the high-tech chemical products that care for the environment and the blessing of God, you can enjoy and give away the best roses in the world, which will brighten up your House for up to 15 days.
Grown in Ecuador, a beautiful country of fertile land, located in the middle of the world. With large mountain ranges and the best beaches in the world. Ecuador is recognized worldwide for producing some of the best products in the world, such as cocoa, shrimp and flowers.
Located directly on the equathor at a high altitude, our roses get the most directly sunlight creating bigger and brighter blooms with some of the most vibrant colors you have ever seen.
It is said that the best Roses in the world come from Ecuador and the best Roses from Ecuador are from Rosaexpress.

Is Rosaexpress a Company with a sustainable mission?
We are people who have always been concerned about sustainability. The company and the farm have these principles and values as well. When we grow flowers that are grown on earth, we must take care of it. We work with filtered water and treat it after using it. We use biofertilizers and compost system.

How do Rosaexpress help farmers and their community?
These Roses are cultivated and produced mostly by the hands of women dedicated to this art, brave women who have decided to have a better quality of life for them and their children.
Rosaexpress is a team of people who not only sell flowers, but who care about a more just and sustainable world. Negrete Staroses employs hundreds of farmers who are the ones who grow your roses, those who grow your roses, harvest your things and cut them to send them to you. These families, thanks to the work they have and the rewards of it, can live together, have not had to migrate and live in their community. We care and support them to live better and better.

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