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Shipping Policy

The first terms for all those sent from the United States.
The prices published on the website include the cost of sending the flowers from Ecuador to the United States, the prices of the products may change at any time without prior notice, you can not combine the promotions of other means than those presented in this site .

The customer can not provide a valid address located within the United States where the order can be delivered. In case the client provides a wrong address, it does not correspond to the address where you want to receive the order. The site sent an email of the buyer a confirmation of your order to make your payment to verify the destination information of the order.

All shipments made by us and by our suppliers for packaging, in case it has been sent by email, by email, and by email. package shows signs of abuse (open, beaten, perforated, wet, drained, etc.). If the parcel service employee does not allow you to enter the delivery manifest, you should NOT receive the package.

If you suspect that the box that is delivering the parcel service package does not contain what you can buy for the weight or size of the package. You should not receive any type of payment. immediately to make the clarification of your order.

Once the package has been received by you or by the person at the delivery address, you have 24 hours to report anomalies due to physical damage or missing in your order, after this period there is no change or recovery.

Order tracking:
Once your order is ready, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that includes your tracking guide number. Rosa Express is not responsible for lost or stolen packages if it is confirmed as delivered by the parcel company. The customer assumes all responsibility for any loss of these items.

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email with the order number of your order, in this way the place where you are.
* Please note that the estimated time to track your order is 24 hours after receiving your shipping confirmation.

Delivery time:
The shipment was made 24 hours after the payment, and after the confirmation of the shipment took a time without mayor to 4 days for the reception of the order.